Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - East of India

I started out by planning to show you a wrapping related find from Key West but somehow it turned out to be a tutorial on wrapping up Easter, naturally.

All these great products are from a line called East of India.  I picked up a few pieces from my favourite store in Key West, Besame Mucho.  Oh, Besame Mucho how I love you.  I love all of these especially the "designed with love" tags for homemade gifts and the box of twine.  East of India, you had me at box of twine.

These were my recent purchases, save the thimble.  It was a birthday present to myself last spring from the same store.  I love that thimble and the packaging of course is what sold me.  "Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself"

Okay so I could put the ribbon and tapes on a paper bag and make it look cute but what to put inside?

I spotted a tutorial over at amy power's inspired ideas that involved wrapping a plastic egg with fabric and or/papers.  I ripped up some linen scraps into strips and glued them onto the egg in a random pattern, making sure to leave the thread of the egg free so that I could put something in it.  I wrapped up the egg with a couple of pieces of twine - very shabby chic.

Now to the bag.  Bits of the paper tape with "follow your heart" and "with love" phrasings looked cute on the parchment bag.  I decided to make a nest, like the yarn one I made in the fall (see here) , but with twine, and filled it with three small felted eggs.  "With love" ribbon, from east of india, ties it all up.  

I am going to see some nieces this weekend and I thought I could fill the eggs with a little pot of cute lip gloss.

I am still drawn to the pops of colour that Easter can bring but somehow when it comes to wrapping up, I find I am drawn to parchment, twine and linens.

Have a wonderful Weekend!


  1. What great ideas!! I love all the natural wrap!
    Happy Easter!

  2. love this look! already thinking about how to use it for other occasions too- thanks for sharing

  3. Your little gift bags are so sweet! I love how everything is so natural ~
    Wishing you a holy and blessed weekend and a Glorious Easter ~ always,

  4. Thanks everyone - hope you all had a great holiday!


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